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Dear Wonderful Person,

You don’t know it yet, but you and I have a lot in common.

For starters, you’re here, seeking a skin treatment that I can provide you with a deft hand and sympathetic outlook on skin,cosmetic and brow problems,

I understand that it’s rather nerve wracking to seek and find a specialist and it can feel embarrassing if you have what I loathe to label ‘porblem skin, or gapped brows,

You’re also literally putting your face in someone else’s hands, which requires much trust on your part.

Let me tell you a little about me so you can feel a bit more at ease.

I am one of those people with so-called ‘problem skin, I have suffered with severe acne since my whole teenage years, I have tried many lotions and potions, but find that a combo of exercise, great food, lots of love and laughter, and regular skin treatments help a tonne.

You see, I’m not here to only give you a facial treatment an then bid you farewell. I am an understanding, sympathetic, been-through-it-too girl who can be your partner to show you the best of what you alreday have, because I understand and personally know the plight of seeking flawlessly gorge skin or brows!

This, dear Wonderful Person, is why I’m passionate, so I can be of help to acknowledge you by offering my (literal) skillful hand of expert help and bringing a gorgeous smile to your face and a lift to your mood.

I’ve helped some wonderful people before you, too,

I’m a graduate who’s gone on to work as a Medical aesthetics practioner & Skin Expert consultant , attending scores of aesthetics conferences in total with 16 years experience, as well met and helped some great people along the way.

After opening up about me, it’s time to open my doors to you and say that I hope I’ve made you feel a bit more at ease, and you’re very welcome to give me a call so we can start making your already fabulously worthy self feel even greater!


With hugs and hopes of meeting you soon, your partner in Aesthetics ,

Skin Knowledge by Maryam